Paint / Collision


Overall  Auto  Paint

Why do people paint their whole car?

Sometimes, it’s because the elements have noticeably aged a vehicle. Its surface is faded, shows cracking or peeling, or doesn’t shine or wax up anymore. Many times, a vehicle runs really well and is in good shape, so its owner wants to keep it looking good for four or five more years.

Some of  our customers want to get more money when selling their vehicle, or get it sold quicker. Others are giving a car to a family member. Whatever your reason, we have all kinds of approaches for painting your vehicle. With more than 10,000 auto paint colors in quality formulations that range from high-grade enamel to single-stage urethane to base coat / clear coat urethane, German Auto World  provides the price and quality you want for your car.


We  Spot  Paint

People generally get their cars painted for one of two reasons: An old auto paint finish that's tired, dull, cracked or chipped calls for painting the entire car. If the auto paint finish is fine, we can help maintain resale value by repairing only the damaged areas and then matching them to the existing surface.

In spot painting, a multiple masking process ensures an accurate blending of the new and old auto paint, and protects the undamaged areas of your car's finish.

Spot painting requires a special multi-step application process to ensure a quality blending of the new and old auto paint finishes. This blending process requires we sequentially blend up to three separate applications beyond the original area. A clearcoat


All our spot painting is designed to maintain the resale value of your late model car.


Lease  Turnback

Failure to correct dents, dings and scratches before the end o a lease can lead to costly charges from the dealer

Auto body repair and spot painting can get your car in compliance with the lease turn-back terms at an amazingly low cost. Our body shop will repair your leased car’s body with efficient and exacting processes that restore metal surfaces to original factory specs, with seamless fit and finish.
We can save you lots of money before you return your leased car.

Make lease turn-back a smoother, faster and less-expensive experience by visiting our body shop, where you can economically restore its auto paint finish to like-new condition.


Collision Repair
Turning the unpleasant misfortune of an accident into a pleasant experience is our goal.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the services we offer at our facility.  If you have any questions concerning our policy or those of your insurance company, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are here to serve you at your convenience.
Frame and Unibody Repair Metal Repair & Replacement
The frame or unibody of your vehicle is comparable to the foundation of your home.  It must be strong and precise before anything can be built of repaired around it.
metal repair and replacement is an extremely critical phase.  We strive to use original replacement parts and factory approved repair procedures.  All necessary corrosion protection procedures are used to meet or exceed factory corrosion warranties.
We make every effort to write a precise estimate the first time; with your written authorization, this sometimes requires minor disassembly of damaged areas and a bit more time.  An accurate estimate helps us and the insurance company ensure a smooth flow of the repair process.
As an established collision facility, We'll contact and work with your insurance company to arrive at a fair price to perform quality repairs that We can proudly stamp with our lifetime guarantee (as long as you own the vehicle), and You'll be proud as well!
Importance of Refinishing
Automotive painting and refinishing is truly an art.  Matching the exotic finishes found on many of today's vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques, such as state-of-the-art Garmat heated paint booths combined with Sherwin Williams A-plus finish. And the most up to date training for all of our employees.